Norway Freedom Fighters 1966-2007

Historical website for the 108 RNoAF F-5A , F-5B , RF-5A Freedom Fighters

The first aircraft arrived march.1966 and many were withdrawn from use in the early eightees.Some remained in service much longer , later they all were withdrawn from use 2007. (four flew dec.2007 as the last flight for these F-5)

Info :
The sale of the 15 Norwegian Freedom Fighters to a Private school in USA was stopped ,summer.2008 , Currently in 2011 The F-5Bs could be sold to USA.(Two F-5B are stored in USA)
All of the F-5A will not go to USA but to different locations in Norway.
Mainly Technical schools will get the F-5As.The first one 131 going to Skedsmo Videregående Skole some 2km from Kjeller 01.nov.2011

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244 and 243 at Ross Perot fort worth alliance (kafw) Texas.
Mike Selby