Norway F-86F and F-86K Sabre Fighters 1955-1967

Historical website for the 180 RNoAF F-86F and F-86K Sabres

F-86 K Serials here 64 ea.Aircraft 1955-1967 updated 04.01.2009

F-86 F Serials here 116 ea.Aircraft 1957-1967updated 06.06.2007

Royal Norwegian got the first F-86K in sept.1955 under MAP.Later in 1957 they also got F-86F "day fighter".
From mid sixtees some of the F-86F/K were withdrawn from use and in 1967 the last aircraft was taken out of service.
F-86 K Sabre was the first norwegian jet to break the sound barrier.It was also the first one with afterburner.F-86K was also the first all weather fighter in RNoAF
.Due to several fatal accidents all RnoAF Sabres got Martin Baker ejection seat mounted between 1959-1961

Main differences :

F-86 F Sabre   Engine J-47-GE-27, Engine Control Mechanical ,Sliding canopy,Day fighter,Horisontal Tail:Controllable stabilizer and elevator

F-86 K Sabre  Engine J-47-GE-17B with afterburner,Engine Control Electronic...Clamshell canopy, ,All Weather fighter. Horisontal Tail:Single,controllable surface , Autopilot