About me

The story where im and my background

Born in 1969.Grew up in Bodø, Norway in seventies and eightees and spotted lots of aircraft mil and civ at the airport.
Educated in Avionics Bodø.
During the years I have worked at RNoAF Air Depot , Kjeller (Luftforsvarets Forsyningskommando, Kjeller) in 1989-1996 ,Helikopter Service Sola 1996-2000, NDLO (Norwegian Defense Logistics Organisation 2000-2011 (FLO Kjeller) , AIM Norway SF since 2011.
I started this website back in december 2005.
Im living 24 km north east of Oslo. Im Member of Friends of Starfighter Norway and Rygge Flyhistoriske Forening.
The photo of me was taken 2007 near Bergen, Norway in a F-86K (click to enlarge)